Thursday, July 1, 2010

First Post:

As this is my first post for the blog, i will keep it short and simple. If you have read the description, you already know what this blog is about, but let me expand on that a little further.

When I stopped wargaming back in my teen years I gave almost everything away. I have literally had to start from scratch all over again. The things I began to miss immediately when i decided to get back into war-gaming were my 'bits box' and my huge collection of White Dwarf, Inferno and various other GW and Black Library publications. These were always my inspiration when it came to starting something new, and now they are gone...

I struggled to decide at first whether my re-kindled passion for GW's war-games was just a passing spasm, but apparently it is full blown epilepsy. And I had my first seizure when I stumbled across the Sons of Corax forum. I was like, 'holy crap, SPACE NINJAS!'

So, until I can get some content posted on here that is worth looking at, please feel free to check out the SoC forum. And if you are a Raven Guard fan, be it fresh Recruit or hardened Veteran, sign on and say hello. I use the same call-sign, Onyx Icarus.


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