Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Updates! Been a long time since i was able to get anything done, but i managed to finish the dread, almost finished the second one (just working on the arms), built most of the models - including my captain and sergeant conversions, basecoated the tac marines, painted some test models for the Tac marines and started building the landspeeder (needs some gaps filled and i will paint the crew separate so i can get the details done). Haven't ordered my decals yet, they will go on later.

Comments are always welcome, especially advice!

The finished Dread:

Tactical Squad:

Captain with Relic Blade, Sergeant with Power Sword and Sergeant with Power Fist:

The collection so far:

Can't wait to get these guys finished so i can start gaming! I've been doing a lot of theory-crafting (or theory-hammer as i hear the 40k fans call it) over at the Raven Guard forums (see signature for link), so i should hit the table with at least a moderate amount of skill.

Next purchase (other than the decals) will be 3 Drop Pods from CNC Workshop - - and a Rhino. At that point i should have a decent gaming force, and i can add scouts, assault marines and other cool stuff as time and money permits.

Well, that's all for now, thanks for viewing!


Onyx Icarus

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