Monday, September 27, 2010

First Squad + Onyx and Icarus

I finally got around to finishing my first Tactical squad. They are the AoBR mini's and i have left them as is, apart from the Sergeant who had his Chainsword swapped for a Power Sword. The conversion is super rough, but it's the first one I have done in over 10 years so I was just keeping it simple. Eventually when I have the time i will cut the hilt out completely and model something better in its place with some greenstuff (or a suitable part).

I also finished off Icarus, the second Dreadnaught. I managed to get the white reasonably solid after a while, but it is thick as hell. Not sure if another brand of paint would be better, will have to try and see I guess.

These guys will get a coat of Matt varnish tomorrow (I have to go pick some up) and then when i get my transfers in I will add those and then another varnish coat on top to seal them in.

Up next:
5 Terminators
Another 10 man Tactical AoBR squad (this time with a Power Fist)
A Land Speeder Tornado with Multi-Melta and Heavy Flamer

I haven't worked out how I will do it yet but the MM and HF on the LST will be removable, so i can swap in the Heavy Bolter and when I get some more MM's I will do a twin MM setup. I intend to have two of these in the army, the idea being I can swap their Loadout to suit my opponent.

Feel free to comment on the paint work, compliments are nice but criticism is preferable, would like to improve and feedback is always helpful. :)


  1. These guys look great, and it's nice to see a 4th company Raven Guard force.
    I think you could get away with stronger edge highlighting of the black armour. A more extreme highlight in certain locations would really help pick out detail and add depth.
    I'd also recommend a highlight on the green.

    Looking forward to seeing the terminators!

  2. Thanks mate. The green trim is just for Tacticals, will use Red for Assault and Yellow for Devastators as per the Index Astartes IV article. I know it's outdated but I just think its cool. Funnily enough though they ARE 4th company, or will be when I get around to doing markings. ;)
    Your right about the highlights, I will do a finer line with a lighter grey (maybe fortress grey) - that should lighten the highlight and make it look stronger without making it bigger.
    I'm working on the green highlight, it is proving difficult. :)


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